Credentials release notes for Orchestration and Discovery

ServiceNow® credentials enhancements and updates in the Istanbul release for Orchestration and Discovery.

New in the Istanbul release

Credentials troubleshooting information
  • Records in the ECC input queue contain information to help you troubleshoot failed credentials. The kind of information that is displayed includes the attempted credentials, tags, affinities, and the target IP. Orchestration uses the credential debug information in the Orchestration log.
  • The credentials_debug parameter is also available for you to display information for credentials associated with SSH, WMIRunner, PowerShell, JMS, and SAP probes. Setting the credentials_debug parameter to true for these probes displays the information regardless if the credentials succeeded or failed.
Privileged commands
CyberArk configuration parameter
A new MID Server configuration parameter called ext.cred.check_ssh_type requires that the type of SSH credential returned from CyberArk matches the type of credential requested.