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Project Portfolio Suite with Financials release notes

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Project Portfolio Suite with Financials release notes

ServiceNow® Project Portfolio Suite with Financials enhancements and updates in the Istanbul release.

Project Portfolio Suite with Financials integrates Financial Management and Project Portfolio Suite (PPS).

Istanbul upgrade information

When you upgrade to Istanbul release, some changes are made to the resource plans. For details, see Project Portfolio Suite with Financials upgrade information.

New in the Istanbul release

Portfolio budget forecasting
With budget forecasting, project and portfolio managers get the provision to re-estimate (forecast) their project costs during project execution. They are allowed to re-estimate the cost by comparing actual cost with planned cost for previous periods. The portfolio manager can also include new projects or put existing projects on hold during the forecasting process.
Project status report
The enhanced Project status report provides the most recent at-a-glance status of a project such as status, risks, issues, complete and pending milestones, and costs and resources status.
Project change request
Project Managers can capture project changes through project change requests. The change requests can be routed for approval and upon approval, managers can make changes to project cost and schedule as required by the change requests.
Planning console custom columns

Admins can configure the columns that users want to view in the planning console. Until last release, the list of columns were fixed and users could not add more columns to the planning console.

Project/Demand date change
When project managers change the date on their project or demand, the corresponding cost and resource plan dates also change according to the project date changes. If an admin has configured it, users do not need to manually change dates on these entities.
Microsoft Project integration enhancements
Assignment groups and additional assignees can be imported or exported between Microsoft Project and your instance. The feature enables you to bring in multiple resources assigned to a Microsoft Project task.
Resource assignment in project and project task
Project managers can constrain resources in Assigned to field on project and project task forms to be derived from the associated resource plan.
Resource Management

Enhancements for resource requesters:

  • Request by roles and skills: Resource requesters can request resources by specifying roles and skills from this release (in addition to group or individual member as supported in previous releases).
  • Requested allocations: Resource requesters can specify the breakup of their resource requirements with requested allocations. While creating a resource plan, the requesters can see the Requested Allocations tab, which is editable and allows requester to specify hours breakup.

Enhancements for resource managers:

  • A new Confirmed state has been introduced in the resource plan state model. The Confirm action allows the resource manager to block and confirm resources for future projects and demands. It then moves the resource plan to the Confirmed state and also creates soft allocations for the confirmed resources. The Member preference attribute on resource plans has also been enhanced with an Any member option. When this option is selected, the most available resources are found. When the resources are confirmed, soft allocations are created.
  • The Confirm and Allocate action bypasses the need for confirmation and then allocation. Resource managers can directly allocate resources (when the resource plan is in the Requested state) to a project or demand. The resource plan is moved to the Allocated state directly from the Requested state.
  • The typical resource plan state flow as per the new resource plan state model is:
    • Planning > Requested > Confirmed > Allocated > Complete


    • Planning > Requested > Allocated > Complete
    In the Planning and Requested states, requested allocations are created. When the resource plan moves to the Confirmed state, soft allocations are created. When the resource plan moves to the Allocated state, the hard allocations are created.
  • A Front Load option is provided to resource managers if they want to consume all available hours of a resource while creating the hard allocations. In front loading, all available time on first working day of the week is used first and then the next day, and so on.
  • Resource managers are allowed to modify resource plans in the Allocated state if they want to make changes in allocated resources or hours.
  • Resource managers are allowed to specify the events they want to exclude for capacity calculation and allocation creation.
  • The resource workbench is enhanced to support the following flows more efficiently:
    • Reviewing capacity and existing allocations prior to confirming resources to a demand or project
    • Named resource allocation to a project by reviewing availability of all resources in a group.
Prerequisite and dependent stories

Prerequisite Stories and Dependent stories related lists on a story form allow you to specify the related stories to an existing story.

The related lists are a new feature for the Agile Development application, which is part of Project Portfolio Suite. For more information, see Agile Development release notes.
Time Sheets

A time sheet groups all time cards for a user for the given week.

The Time Sheets is a new feature for the Time Card application, which is part of Project Portfolio Suite. For more information, see Time Card release notes.

Changed in this release

  • Portfolio workbench: The enhanced Portfolio workbench allows portfolio managers to perform annual portfolio planning, and track progress of their portfolios. The new workbench shows all demands and projects lined up for the given fiscal year with their planned cost and the planned labor hours. Portfolio managers can compare projects and demands, and select those that are aligned with organizational goal and priorities and can be executed with the given cost and resource constraints. The Track Portfolio action allows the portfolio managers to track the progress of their portfolio after projects are executed.
  • Resource Management: Soft allocations are created only when the resource plan moves to the Confirmed state. Soft allocations are no longer created during the Planning or Requesting phase.
  • Roles: ITIL role does not have read access to project and project tasks.

Removed in this release

  • The Deferred Save option is removed from the Project planning console.

Activation information

You can activate the Project Portfolio Suite with Financials (com.snc.financial_planning_pmo) plugin if you have the admin role.

Browser requirements

If you are using Internet Explorer, version 11 or later (including Edge) is required to use all aspects of the workbenches.

Localization information

Right-to-left languages in custom UI pages are not supported. Alternatively, you can use platform lists and forms.