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Studio release notes

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Studio release notes

Studio product enhancements and updates in the Istanbul release.

New in the Istanbul release

Script debugger
The Script Debugger allows application developers to debug server-side JavaScript.

Changed in this release

  • Updated ServiceNow Studio to:
    • Allow resizing the application explorer.
    • Close one or more tabs from the Window menu item.
    • Close the current tab with a keyboard shortcut.
    • Disable usage during upgrade.
    • Display the commit history of an application linked to a source control integration from the View history menu item.
    • Display the application name from the status bar.
    • Display the application version number from the status bar.
    • Display the number of saved and unsaved application files from the status bar.
    • Display the status of a source control integration from the status bar.
    • Display whether there are remote changes to apply or local changes to commit from the status bar.
    • Open the Script Debugger from the Launch Script Debugger menu item.
  • Updated the behavior of the Studio module to:
    • Open Studio in a new tab rather than display the Welcome to Studio launch page.
    • Set focus to any already open Studio tab.
  • Updated the application file types available in Studio to:
    • Create Service Portal records for the Theme, Style Sheet, JS Include, and Widget Dependency tables.
    • Create integration records for the Export Set and Import Set Web Service tables.
    • Distinguish between records for inbound and outbound integrations.
    • Edit existing Orchestration records for the Activity Definition table.

Removed in this release

  • Removed the Welcome to Studio launch page.

Activation information

Active by default.

Browser requirements

Certain application development features in the Istanbul release have browser requirements that differ from the list of browsers generally supported by the ServiceNow platform.
  • Bringing Studio into focus by clicking the Studio module requires one of these browser versions.
    • Chrome: latest public release
    • Firefox: 11 and later
    • Microsoft Edge: latest public release
    • Safari: 6.1 and later
  • Opening Studio in a new browser tab requires allowing pop-ups from the instance URL.