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Script Debugger release notes

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Script Debugger release notes

Script Debugger is a new platform feature in the Istanbul release.

The Script Debugger allows application developers to debug server-side JavaScript.

The Script Debugger allows each application developer to:
  • Have a dedicated debug transaction, which only applies to the current session.
  • Set and remove breakpoints.
  • Pause the current session at a breakpoint.
  • Step through code line-by-line.
  • Step into and out of function and method calls.
  • View the value of local and global variables.
  • View the value of private variables from function closures.
  • View the call stack.
  • View the transaction the system is processing.
  • Turn off the script debugger to resume running paused scripts.

Activation information

Platform feature - active by default.

Browser requirements

If you are using Internet Explorer, you must use version 10 or later. You can also use any of the other generally supported web browsers.

The system uses desktop notifications to alert users who do not have the Script Debugger in focus that it has paused on a breakpoint. To have this notification display, users must allow browser notifications.

See Script debugger for more information.