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Edit multiple records in a list using the list editor

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Edit multiple records in a list using the list editor

You can edit multiple records at the same time using the list editor. If you want to update a single field on multiple records to have the same value, the list editor is the quickest method.

Before you begin

Role required: none


  1. Select the records you want to edit by performing one of the following actions.
    • To select multiple consecutive fields, hold Shift and drag in the desired fields, or select a cell and then press Shift + Up Arrow or Shift + Down Arrow.
    • To select multiple non-consecutive fields, press Shift and click in one of the desired fields, then hold Shift + Ctrl (Shift + Command on Mac), and click in the desired fields.
  2. Open the list editor by double-clicking (or clicking, depending on setup) in an empty area of the field.
    The number of selected rows that you are editing is indicated. If any rows cannot be edited due to security constraints, that is indicated.
    Figure 1. Selected fields are highlighted in blue
    Selected fields
  3. Enter the appropriate values and click Save.