Dot-walking in list collectors

When selecting a list of fields from a list collector (for example, when you are configuring a form), it is also possible to dot-walk to fields from other forms.

To see which fields are reference fields and can be dot-walked, look for green fields with a plus symbol.
Figure 1. Reference fields for dot-walking
Reference fields
Once a reference field is highlighted, the expand icon appears above the add icon.
Figure 2. Expand icon
Expand icon
Selecting the expand icon opens the list of fields from the related list in the Available pane. In this picture, the user has opened the Assigned to fields. As in other examples, the previous lists of fields appear at the top of the list in blue.
Figure 3. Lists of fields
Lists of fields
Once the field is added to the Selected pane, it appears with its full dot-walked syntax. In the next picture, the user has selected
Figure 4. Dot-walked field
Dot-walked field