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Use a slushbucket

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Use a slushbucket

Slushbuckets allow you to select multiple items from a list of available items and to remove items from a list of selected items.

About this task

Slushbuckets are used in many operations, such as personalizing lists, adding items to related lists, and Service Catalog list collector variables.

The slushbucket interface has two columns: the available items on the left and the selected items on the right.


  • To add items to the selection, double-click an available item on the left or select an item and click the add icon (>). The new item is added at the bottom of the selected items column on the right.
  • To remove items from the selection, double-click the item on the right, or select the item and click the remove icon (<).
  • To select multiple consecutive items, hold the Shift key and click the first and last item.
  • To select multiple non-consecutive items, hold the Ctrl key (Command key on Mac) and click the desired items.