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Add a Visualization to a favorite

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Add a Visualization to a favorite

Add visualizations to mobile favorites.

About this task

Visualizations are specific to your device. If you add a visualization to a list on one mobile device, it won't display the same way on another device.


  1. In the mobile app homepage, long press the favorite you want to add a visualization to.
  2. Tap the Visualizations tab.
  3. Select a visualization from the available options. Visualization options vary depending on the type of favorite you select.
    Figure 1. Visualizations tab
    Visualization tab open with Bar Chart Widget and Priority selected

Visualization options

Visualizations allow users on the mobile app UI to see relevant table information directly from the home page favorite icon.

Use the following visualizations to customize the appearance of favorites on the mobile app homepage.

Table 1. Favorite visualization options
Description Example
Favorite icons displays the number of records returned by the list filter.
Figure 2. Count
Favorite icon with a count visualization
Favorite icons displays the number of records with a particular field value. Select the field values you want to display when you set up the visualization.
Figure 3. Bar chart
Favorite icon with a bar chart visualization