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Mobile single sign on

Mobile single sign on

The mobile app leverages federated login when using the multi-provider SSO plugin.

Make sure the Integration - Multiple Provider Single Sign-On Installer [com.snc.integration.sso.multi.installer] plugin is activated. The SAML 2.0 plugin is not supported on mobile. For more information on how to configure multi-provider SSO, see Set up Multi-Provider SSO.

Enable multi-provider SSO

For multi-SSO to work on mobile devices, you need to enable the glide.authenticate.multisso.enabled property.
  1. Navigate to Multi-Provider SSO > Administration > Properties.
  2. Select the Enable multiple provider SSO check box.
  3. Click Save.

SSO and the OAuth token

Once a successful session is established with the federated identity provider and the instance, the mobile application negotiates an OAuth token with the instance. This allows the applications to re-establish connections without storing any user credentials on the device.

The glide.authenticate.sso.redirect.idp system property is not required to use SSO with mobile applications. Mobile applications bypass the local login page and go directly to the SSO/IDP if this property is set.

To enable both local and external login for mobile applications, disable the glide.authenticate.sso.redirect.idp property.

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