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Mobile lists on tablet

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Mobile lists on tablet

Lists appear as a single column of records on the mobile tablet UI display. Each row represents a separate record.

Tap a record in the column on the left to see item details.

Figure 1. Tablet UI list
Tablet UI list with record select and details displayed in separate column

Mobile lists on a tablet consist of the following elements.

Table 1. Elements of the mobile UI: Lists
Number UI element Description
1 List name Displays the name of the list favorite.
2 Back button Navigates back to the home page.
3 UI actions Displays buttons to display the list activity stream and add a record.
4 Application search Displays records that match the search string.
5 Current filter Displays the conditions filtering the list.
6 Records Displays one row for each record in the list.
7 List options Displays list options to add to favorites, share, and sort the list.
8 Record details View record details in a split pane view.
9 Record UI actions Make a particular record a favorite, share the record, add an attachment, work notes, or comments.