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Mobile activity streams

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Mobile activity streams

List activity streams appear as a single column window with a separate row for each record update in the mobile UI.

Access a list activity stream by pressing the activity stream icon. Activity streams open on a new page. Use the List options menu to open the Activity Stream on Android.

Rendering HTML text in activity streams is not supported for the mobile apps.

Figure 1. iPhone list activity stream
Two mobile UI screens show a list of incident records and the Activity stream version of the list of incident records.
Figure 2. List activity stream for Android
Two screenshots of the list view with the List options menu highlighted and the activity stream view
Figure 3. Elements of the mobile UI: activity stream

Activity stream updates consist of the following elements.

Table 1. Mobile UI elements: activity stream
UI element Description
Back button Return to the list.
User Displays the user photo and name of the user who made the activity update.
Record details Displays the record number and relative time since the update was made.
Activity details Displays the most recent activity update.

Swipe up or down to see more activity stream updates.