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Configure logo, colors, and system defaults for UI16

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Configure logo, colors, and system defaults for UI16

You can use the Basic Configuration UI16 module to brand your instance with your company logo and colors and set basic system defaults. This place is the best starting point if you are setting up your instance for the first time or if you have recently enabled UI16.

Before you begin

To prepare for completing basic configuration, gather the following information.
  • Obtain the company banner image to use in the header. The image can be high resolution, but when it displays it is scaled based on the aspect ratio. It scales to a maximum of 20px high.
  • Get the brand color hex or RGB numbers of your company, typically from your marketing department. Use them to decide how to configure the UI background colors.

Role required: admin

About this task

Each color selection option provides a color picker to select a color. The text box beside the color picker lets you enter the value of the color as any of the following CSS formats.
  • Name: predefined color names, such as red, green, blue
  • RGB decimal: RGB(102, 153, 204)
  • RGB hex: #223344
Refer to HTML Color Names (W3CSchools) for information about HTML color names.


  1. Navigate to System Properties > Basic Configuration UI16
  2. Complete the configuration by changing any of the following settings.
    Table 1. Basic system configuration properties
    Label Property Description
    Page header caption glide.product.description Change the text that appears next to your logo.
    Browser tab title Change the text that appears on the browser tab
    System timezone for all users unless overridden in the user's record Select the timezone in the choice list.

    Click Configure available time zones to select the time zones that your users can select from in user preferences.

    Banner image for UI16 glide.product.image.light Click + next to the image and upload your logo.
    Date format

    Time format



    Select the date and time formats from the choice lists.
    Header background color css.$navpage-header-bg Select or enter the color.
    Header background
    Banner text color css.$navpage-header-color Select or enter the color.
    Banner text color
    Header divider stripe color css.$navpage-header-divider-color Select or enter the color.
    Header divider striper
    Navigation header/footer and navigation background expanded items css.$navpage-nav-bg Select or enter the color.
    Expanded items
    Navigation selected tab background color css.$navpage-nav-selected-bg Select or enter the color.
    Selected tab
    Navigation expanded items highlight background css.$nav-highlight-main Select or enter the color.
    Highlighted item
    Navigation separator color css.$nav-hr-color Select or enter the color.
    Background for navigator and sidebars css.$navpage-nav-bg-sub Select or enter the color.
    Navigator, sidebars
    Module text color for UI16 css.$navpage-nav-unselected-color Select or enter the color.
    Favorites, Connect list
    Currently selected Navigation tab icon color for UI16 css.$navpage-nav-selected-color Select or enter the color. Also controls color of the module that is currently in focus.
    Navigation icon
    Border color for UI16 css.$navpage-nav-border Select or enter the color. Also affects the border of the Filter conversations search box in the Connect Chat sidebar.
    Filter navigator
    For most of the settings, as you make changes, the page refreshes with a preview of the change. Only you see these changes.
  3. Click Save at the top or bottom of the page.


After you save the configuration changes, all users who select the System theme in their UI personalization options see the new configuration colors.