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Implementing user criteria

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Implementing user criteria

When creating user criteria for your system, consider the following recommendations.

  • Design Criteria for Reuse:

    Ensure that you design user criteria for maximum reuse. Create user criteria records with common sets of conditions matching your organization's requirements. Allow them to be shared across as many items and categories as possible, rather than creating multiple similar criteria records for individual items and categories

  • Naming conventions: Give each user criteria record a meaningful name, to help you determine the function for that record. For example,
    • Users in company Cloud Dimensions AND in London
    • Users in company Cloud Dimensions OR in London
    • Users belonging to the Group Development, IT, or Sales
    • Users with role itil, asset_manager, or catalog_admin
  • Test user criteria on a non-production instance: Consider testing user criteria on a development or test instance, and then transferring the records from the user criteria tables and catalog records to your production instance using update sets.