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Add the Login Portlet

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Add the Login Portlet

Adding the login portlet to an iframe HTML element creates an unbranded user and password prompt on any HTML page.

About this task

The user enters their user id and password and either presses the ENTER key or clicks the Login button. Once validated, the browser transfers to the logged-in ServiceNow session.

The portlet's size is 240 pixels wide and 125 pixels high. The portlet looks like:
Figure 1. Portal Login
Note: The ServiceNow login portlet is the only content supported within an iframe HTML element. To deliver ServiceNow content from a web page, see Service Portal instead.

To enable the login portlet:


  1. Set the high security properties and glide.set_x_frame_options to false.
  2. Add the following HTML code to your portal:
    <iframe border = "0" frameborder = "0" width = "240" height = "125"src = "" >< / iframe >

    If you do not want to change your instance's High Security settings, create a simple link instead.