Task fields for measuring work time

Use default task fields to measure progress and resolution for certain records.

The following base system fields are provided on certain tables for keeping track of how long it takes to close tickets:
  • Time worked: A timer which runs while the record is being viewed by a user, and pauses while the record is closed (or when it is paused manually). Used to keep track of the time spent by the help desk while working on the record.
  • Resolve time: A calculated field which measures the time from the moment the record is opened, to the moment the record is closed. Used to keep track of how long it takes to resolve the record.

These fields provide different metrics for request response.

The following additional tools are available for tracking work time:
  • Service level agreements (SLAs): measure how long it takes a record fulfill certain conditions (such as an incident being marked Resolved).
  • Time cards: use the Time worked field to break down how much time was spent by day of the week.