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Approve or reject a time sheet

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Approve or reject a time sheet

As a time card approver, you can view and approve or reject a time sheet to approve or reject all the time cards for a user for the given week in one go.

Before you begin

Role required: timecard_admin


  1. Navigate to Time Sheets > Time Sheets > Pending Approval.
  2. In the Time Sheets list, open the time sheet to approve or reject.
  3. If required, add your comments.
  4. Click Approve or Reject.


  • The time sheet moves to the Approved or Rejected state.
  • All the time cards associated with the time sheet are also approved or rejected automatically.
  • You can also approve or reject the time cards within a time sheet selectively by selecting one or more time cards and approving or rejecting them.
  • If a time sheet is rejected, all the associated time cards in the Submitted state are also rejected automatically. The time cards in the Approved and Processed state for the time sheet remain unaffected.
  • If all the time cards in a time sheet are approved, the time sheet automatically moves to the Approved state.
  • If a time card in a time sheet is in the Rejected state, then irrespective of the state of other time cards in the time sheet, the time sheet also moves to the Rejected state.