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System logs

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System logs

The System Logs module provides a variety of logs that you can use to troubleshoot and debug transactions and events that take place within the instance.

Access the following logs from the System Logs module:

Log Description
Transactions All browser activity for an instance.
Email All email notifications and Push messages sent from all instances within the system.
Events All system events that occur within the system.
Import Data import activity within the platform.
Table Changes Changes made to all tables in the system.
Outbound HTTP Requests All outbound web services requests such as REST and SOAP requests.
Signature Images Electronic signatures for the HR signature pad.
System Warnings and errors for instance processes, records, and non-critical events, such as memory usage on the server machine.

Use the Log File Browser to search and download logs. You can also search archived logs in the log history.

Other logs

Your instance offers other logs in addition to those in the System Log module. For example, the System diagnostics module provides upgrade history and slow query logs, which you can use to gain insight into how queries are affecting platform performance. The Customer updates table records every change that is made in the system