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History Calendar

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History Calendar

The history calendar shows you the days where the record was changed, who made the change, and when.

Each user is assigned a color so you can tell at a glance the times a record was changed by a particular person. For example:

Figure 1. Changes Made by Sys Admin
Figure 2. Changes Made by ITIL User

To highlight changes to a particular field, select the field from the Highlight changes to field selection box. Picking a field from this selection box changes the calendar to highlight the times that field was changed. Hover over the text of one of a highlighted change to see the change in value.

Figure 3. View Highlighted Changes

If you hover over the icon within an entry, a popup displays all the value changes. This is the same information that is displayed in the top part of the form.

Figure 4. View Calendar Changes

You can click on the day number to get a view of the changes for that day. You can also click on the week number to the left to get a the week view. You can scroll to and from month to month to see changes.