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Process the skipped records list

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Process the skipped records list

If you customized a record affected by this upgrade, you must resolve the differences between the upgraded and customized versions of the record. This process is called processing the skipped record list or just processing the skipped list.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. If necessary, navigate to System Diagnostics > Upgrade Monitor.
    If the upgrade is still in progress, the system displays the Upgrade Progress screen. When the upgrade finishes, the system displays the Upgrade Summary Report.
  2. After the system displays the Upgrade Summary Report, click the Click here link in the Skipped box.
    The system displays the System Upgrades form.
  3. Navigate to Review Skipped Records section and – if necessary – scroll to the Upgrade Details related list (skipped list).
  4. Click the row for the first record you want to reconcile.
    The system displays the Upgrade Details form for that record.
  5. Evaluate how you want to resolve the conflict for this record and take the appropriate action:
    Retain the customized record as is and do not update it.

    After reviewing the changes, set Resolution Status to Reviewed and Retained.

    Retain the customization by merging changes from the updated object.
    1. Click Resolve Conflicts to navigate to the Resolve Conflicts form.
    2. Review the differences.
    3. To merge a field:
      • Click the right-arrow button for the field.
      • Click a text box to view and edit the detailed differences.
      • When you have merged all appropriate fields, click Merge.

    After merging the customization changes:

    • The Disposition changes from Skipped to Merged.
    • The Resolution Status changes to Reviewed and Merged.
    Discard the customization and update the record to match the base system for this upgrade. After reviewing the changes, click Revert to Base System.
    • The Disposition changes from Skipped to Reverted.
    • The Resolution Status changes to Reviewed and Reverted.
    • The system creates a Customer Update record.
    Note: At any time after you revert a customization, you can click Reapply Changes to reapply the customization (undo the revert).

    Review the skip and perform no action on the object.

    After reviewing the changes, set Resolution Status to Reviewed.

    Leave on the skipped list for a later decision, and note that you have not reviewed the record. From the Resolution list, choose Not Reviewed to defer the decision on how to handle this conflict. The record stays on the skipped list.
    Note: The system tracks changes to records in an update set so you can apply these changes to another instance later. However, the system does not migrate the upgrade details records from one instance to the next. These records apply to a specific upgrade of a specific instance. If you want to preserve the Comments, Resolutions, or other information from the skipped list, export it from this instance.
  6. In the Comment field, write the reasons for making your decision and other information you want to document.
  7. Click Update.