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Disk partition statistics

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Disk partition statistics

Disk partitions let you view the input and output statistics for partitions on the server that hosts your ServiceNow instance.

The available measurements are the read and write requests per minute and the number of bytes read and written per minute.
Figure 1. Disk partition performance metrics
Bytes and read/write requests graphs for disk partitions

You can display the statistics for each partition or the cumulative totals for all partitions. To view cumulative I/O for the entire disk, select the first item in the CI choice list. Select one of the individual partitions from the list to view the statistics for that partition alone.

Figure 2. List of disk partitions
Choice list of disk partitions
Four of the disk partitions that appear in the list are generated as business services and are used to populate the performance graphs with data. If they are deleted, the instance automatically regenerates them. They appear in the list of business services.
Figure 3. Business services disk partitions
Business services disk partitions