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Data dictionary tables

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Data dictionary tables

These tables provide data dictionary, data modeling, and entity relationship information:

  • Tables [sys_db_object]: Contains a record for each table.
  • Dictionary Entries [sys_dictionary]: Contains additional details for each table and the definition for every column on each table. Each row represents either a column on a table or a table.
  • Field Labels [sys_documentation]: Contains the human-readable labels and language information.


The Tables [sys_db_object] table contains a record for each table in the database.

Access the Tables list by navigating to System Definition > Tables. Administrators can create a custom table, add or modify columns in a searchable and sortable embedded list, and define the auto-number format.

The following image shows a list of the tables that extend the Task table.
Figure 1. Tables

Dictionary Entries

The Dictionary Entries [sys_dictionary] table, also called the System Dictionary, defines every table and field in the system. It contains information about data type, character limit, default value, dependency, and other attributes of a field.

Access the system dictionary in one of these ways:
  • To see the system dictionary list view, navigate to System Definition > Dictionary.
  • To view particular dictionary definition, right-click the list header, form header, or field label, and select Configure Dictionary.
The following image shows a filtered list of dictionary entries for the Incident table and the Task table, which it extends.
Figure 2. Dictionary Inc Task

Field Labels

The Field Labels [sys_documentation] table, also called the Language File, contains information about the labels and hints for each table and column in the system.

Access the language file in one of these ways:
  • To see the list view, navigate to System Definition > Language File.
  • To see the field label for a particular field, right-click the field label on the form.
The following image shows the language file filtered to display only labels on the Incident table.
Figure 3. Field Labels