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Troubleshoot change states and business rules

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Troubleshoot change states and business rules

Business rules in the system make assumptions about state values. You can troubleshoot business rules to see the order in which they run and see how it affects changes you make to State field values.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Navigate to System Definition > Business Rules.
  2. Construct a filter like this one to view the scripts and conditions that pertain to the Resolved incident_state of 6 or the Closed incident_state value of 7:

    The Script field contains 7 OR the Condition field contains 7 OR the Script field contains 6 OR the Condition field contains 6 AND the Table field is incident AND the Active field is true.

What to do next

See Debug Business Rule for information on how to trace the order of business rule execution. You can click Debug All, resolve an incident, and then check the trace at the bottom of form to watch the business rules execute. These two line examples show that the mark_closed business rule code is entered ==> and then exited <==.

==> 'mark_closed' on incident
<== 'mark_closed' on incident