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Reuse a choice list

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Reuse a choice list

After defining a set of choice list values, you can reuse the values for another field in a different table.

Before you begin

Role required: personalize_choices


  1. Right-click an existing choice field (Field A) and select Configure Choices.
  2. Add the desired choice list values in the Choices related list.
  3. To reuse the choice list values for another field (Field B) in a different table, right-click the label for Field B and select Configure Dictionary.
  4. In the Choice table field, select the table where Field A resides.
  5. In the Choice field field, select Field A.
    Choice list sharing
  6. Click Update.

    The choice list values defined on Field A are displayed on Field B. When you add or remove choice list values on Field A, those changes are also reflected on Field B.