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Delete all choice list options

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Delete all choice list options

You can delete all choices for a choice field from the Choice Set record.

Before you begin

Role required: personalize

About this task

You may want to use this method when you are developing a new application and the business requirements change. If you are updating a choice list that is already in use, consider deactivating the options you no longer use to avoid conflicts with existing data or scripts that may rely on the previous options.


  1. In the navigation filter, enter sys_choice_set.list and press Enter.
  2. Open the choice set record for the field.

    For example, to locate the choice set for the incident subcategory, filter by [Table] [is] [incident] AND [Element] [is] [subcategory].

  3. Check the box beside the choice set record to delete and select Delete from the Actions choice list below the list.
  4. Click Delete in the confirmation window.
    All choices for the field are deleted.