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Create a document ID field

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Create a document ID field

You can create document ID fields to reference any record on any table.

Before you begin

Role required: personalize_dictionary

About this task

In comparison, a reference field references a record on a specific table. To reference records from any table, two fields need to work together—one to store the table reference and another to store the record reference.

You can select the document ID type when creating a new field.


  1. Navigate to the form view for the table.
  2. Right-click the header and select Configure > Form Layout.
  3. Create a field to store the table name and click Add.
    • Name: any label (for example, Model table)
    • Type:String
  4. Create a field to store the record reference and click Add.
    • Name: label for your document ID field (for example, Model ID)
    • Type:Document ID
  5. Click Save.
  6. Right-click the form header and select Configure > Dictionary.
  7. Open the dictionary entry for the document ID field.
  8. Under Related Links, click Advanced view.
  9. In the Dependent field, enter the column name of the table reference field (for example, u_model_table).
  10. (Optional) In Attributes, add the show_all_tables dictionary attribute to display system tables.
  11. Click Update. When users click the reference lookup for the document ID field, a dialog appears that allows them to select the table and then the record. The sys_id of the selected record is stored in the document ID field and the table name is stored in the table reference field.
  12. (Optional) Configure the form to remove the table reference field.
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