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Create a transform variable for a transform definition

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Create a transform variable for a transform definition

Transform variables enable an administrator to apply the same definition to different fields in different ways.

About this task

Transform variables contain values used by a script to perform a field transformation. Scripts and variables can be created in either order, but the script must use the transform variables. Transform variables are populated with values when a user configures a transform type.


  1. In the Transform Definition record, click New in the Transform Variables Related List.
  2. Complete the form.
    Important considerations for completing a form:
    • The Column name is an entry in the fn_transform_var table for this variable. This becomes the variable in the script, in the form of variables.<variable name>. For this example, we enter odd_even.
    • The value in the Label field appears as the variable field label in the Transform form. In our example we enter Odd/Even.
    • The field Type defines the field type of the variable value. Because the values for the variables used are "even" and "odd", this is a type of string.
    • The Order of the variables controls the order in which they are displayed in lists and records.
    • This variable has a choice list with two options: Even and Odd. We select Dropdown without - None as our format for the list in the Choice field and define a Default value of even when the list is displayed.
    • Create a Hint that becomes a tooltip for the variable in the Transform record.
  3. Right-click in the header bar and select Save from the context menu.

    The Variables Choice List Related List appears.

    Variables Choice List related list
  4. Click New in the Variables Choice List and define the list options.
  5. Create records for Even and Odd.
    Note: The Element value is the same as the Column name in both selections for the choice list.
    Variables choice
  6. Save the choice list variables and return to the transform definition form to create the script.