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Configure pop-ups on read-only fields

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Configure pop-ups on read-only fields

Reference pop-ups and click-throughs are hidden by default when a client script, UI policy, or ACL makes the field read-only. The ability to see or click through to the target record does not depend on whether the reference field is writable. You can change the read-only setting.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Navigate to System Properties > UI Properties.
  2. Change the value of the Enable click-through of a reference field when the reference field is read-only. (glide.ui.reference.readonly.clickthrough) property.
    If set to true, the pop-up appears for read-only fields.

What to do next

If this system value is set to false, you can override the setting for a specific read-only reference field. Configure the dictionary entry and add the readonly_clickthrough=true attribute.
Figure 1. Dictionary entry showing the clickthrough attribute
Read-only clickthrough attribute in dictionary entry