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Add a data lookup value to the data lookup table

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Add a data lookup value to the data lookup table

The columns of a data lookup table contain both matcher and setter field data.

About this task

Each data lookup is a query that searches for a row containing values that match the matcher fields. The data lookup then returns the value listed in the setter fields. For example, this Priority Data Lookup [dl_u_priority] table lists the combinations of impact and urgency (matcher fields) that produce a particular priority value (setter field).

Table 1. Lookup table
Matcher fields Setter field
Impact Urgency Priority
1 - High 1 - High 1 - Critical
1 - High 2 - Medium 2 - High
1 - High 3 - Low 3 - Moderate
2 - Medium 1 - High 2 - High
2 - Medium 2 - Medium 3 - Moderate
2 - Medium 3 - Low 4 - Low
3 - Low 1 - High 3 - Moderate
3 - Low 2 - Medium 4 - Low
3 - Low 3 - Low 5 - Planning


  1. In the navigation filter, enter the name of the new custom lookup table. For example, enter u_vip_caller_lookup.list.
  2. Configure the list and create new fields, as appropriate. For this example, create the following new fields:
    Table 2. New fields
    Name Type Field length or Table to reference
    Caller Reference User [sys_user]
    Priority Integer
    Assignment Group Reference Group [sys_user_group]
  3. From the table list, click New and enter appropriate matcher and setter field values. For example:
    Table 3. New matcher and setter field values
    Matcher field Setter fields
    Caller Priority Assignment Group
    Beth Anglin 2 VIP Issues
    Fred Luddy 1 VIP Issues
    Custom lookup values
    Note: Each row in a data lookup table must be unique.