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Supported wiki tags

Supported wiki tags

Basic tags are supported for Wikitext fields in the system.

Table 1. Supported wiki tags
Format Wiki tag
Headers = Header 1 =, == Header 2 ==, etc.
Numbered step #Step 1
Bullets (multi-level) *Bullet 1, **Bullet 2
Indentation :Level 1, ::Level 2
Line break <br>

Full table support, including cell spacing, padding, borders, background shading, and width measurements.

Note: Sortable tables are not supported (class="sortable").
Code blocks

<pre> Generic block </pre>

<javascript> Javascript Syntax </javascript>

<xml> XML Syntax </xml>

Bold '''text'''
Italics ''text''
Ignore Wiki and HTML formatting <nowiki> wikitext </nowiki>
Web link [ <link text>]
Placed images [[Image:<image name>]] See for details on uploading image files to the database.

Most common HTML tags are supported

<b>bold</b>, <strong>strong</strong>, <i>italics</i>, <h1>header1</h1>, <h2>header2</h2>, <h3>header3</h3>, <p>paragraph</p>, <sub>sub</sub>, <sup>sup</sup>, <center>center</center>