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Installed with field normalization

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Installed with field normalization

Several components are installed with Field Normalization.

The following preferences (Field Normalization > Administration > Preferences) control features for normalization and transformation:

Table 1. Field Normalization preferences
Preference Description
Enable field normalization This preference enables or disables the Field Normalization functionality, including transformations.
Enable field normalization auditing This preference enables or disables auditing of field normalization tables.
Logging Select the maximum level of logging detail desired. For example, select Error to log only errors and Information to log errors, warnings, and information.
Decoration URL Enter the URL for the help/information link associated with the Field Normalization decoration. This link opens the page presented to users who do not have rights to see the normalization or transformation record. The default link opens a ServiceNow Wiki page with a general explanation of Field Normalization. The purpose of this page is to explain to normal users why a field value they entered was changed automatically.
Restrict decorations to roles Use this preference to define the user roles that can view the reference icon (decoration) adjacent to a normalized field. This decoration displays transformation and normalization records to users with the normalizer role. For all other users, it opens the URL specified in the Decoration URL preference. If this preference does not specify any roles, then all roles can see the decoration.
Figure 1. Normalization preferences

Business rules

The following business rules were created for this plugin:
  • Ensure Rules Application Job
  • Ensure Transform Application Job
  • Ensure Rules and Alias Jobs
  • Ensure Transform Application Job
  • Ensure Decoration Attribute
  • Cleanup on field or table change
  • Prevent duplicates in class hierarchy
  • Handle potential duplicates
  • Run job
  • Ensure Pending Value Collection Job
  • Ensure name changer job
  • Flush forms when activating
Table 2. Field Normalization roles
Role Description
normalizer Person authorized to manage field normalization and transformation.
normalization_tester Person authorized to create test records for normalizations and transformations. Only records opened by users with this role are available for testing normalization and transformation rules in Test mode.
Table 3. Field Normalization script includes
Name Description
FieldNormalizationAjax Provides AJAX services for the Field Normalization plugin.
FNEnsureJob Ensures that a job record exists for a particular extant data job target.
FNExtantDataJobChoices Generates a list of tables for use in document_id field of the fn_extant_data_normalization table.
FNExtantDataJobUtil Determines whether an extant data job is allowed to run.
FNFields Returns valid fields for normalization.
FNTransformChooserUtil Provides support for the fn_transform_chooser UI page.
Position Finds a position within a given string.
Round Rounds numbers with various rounding modes and intervals.
Table 4. Field Normalization UI pages
Name Description
aliases Creates the slushbucket with pending values for choosing aliases for a normal value.
fn_transform_chooser Displays available transforms. Invoked by the New button on the fn_transform related list.