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Requiring entry of international format

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Requiring entry of international format

By default, users can enter phone numbers in their territory's local format and do not have to format the number for international dialing.

The phone number field automatically formats local phone numbers into E.164-compliant international phone numbers when the user finishes editing the field. As long as the phone number entered matches the territory's format for a local number, users can save the phone number.

Figure 1. Phone e164 entry local
Figure 2. Phone e164 display international

Changing the glide.phone_number_e164.allow_national_entry system property or adding the pn_allow_national_entry dictionary attribute requires users to enter a phone number in the territory's international format, which starts with the plus (+) character. Users cannot save a locally formatted phone number, and the phone number input box displays a red line underneath phone numbers without the proper international formatting.