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Pattern matching

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Pattern matching

Pattern matching in Field Normalization uses special characters differently from regular expressions to create patterns that the platform recognizes when transforming field values.

Pattern matching can be used only in condition statements. When using pattern matching characters in a condition statement, make sure to select the matches pattern operator.

Use the following special characters to create patterns for searches.
  • The asterisk in a search string (*) matches any number (including zero) of any character.
  • The question mark (?) in a search string matches one of any character.
  • Everything else in a search string matches itself.


  • the story matches the story but not that story.
  • *story matches the story and that story, but not that story is the best.
  • st?ry matches story and stxry, but not my story or stairy.
  • *b?gus* matches bogus, my bogus story, and His bagus machine, but not my bgus story or my baigus story.