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Field transformations

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Field transformations

Field transformations enable an administrator to transform raw field input into standardized values that are more meaningful to an organization. Rules control transformations and can be configured for use in queries.

Field transformation standardizes a value in a specific field using rules. An example of this type of standardization might be a name format that removes designations such as Jr. and II from names. Another example is a mode that rounds the amount of computer RAM detected by Discovery to a useful interval (4112 MB to 4000 MB). Transform records make up the rules that define how a field transformation is executed. Order values determine the order in which each rule is evaluated. A check box on each transform enables an administrator to determine where processing stops when a rule evaluates to true.

Note: The sys_user record that actions the transform process must have its date format set to the default format of "yyyy-MM-dd." Any other date format causes an error during transformation. This problem is only specific to transforming TO TARGET fields of type Date/Time. This problem is not an issue if the target field type is of type String or if the field mapping for the date field is changed to the same date format as the transformation process.