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Export set history

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Export set history

An export set history record is automatically created whenever an export set runs, either scheduled or manually started by a user. Export set history records allow you to monitor and troubleshoot the progress of export sets.

Fields on the Export History form display the current status of the export set. The Export Log related list shows a detailed list of changes to the export set status.

Table 1. Export History form fields
Field Description
Export set The export set that was run.
Started The date and time the export started.
Completed The date and time the export completed.
Export time The amount of time it took to export the data, excluding the time it took to transfer the data to the target.
Run time The amount of time it took to export the data, including the time it took to transfer the data to the target.
State The current state of the export.
Delta export The export used delta export functionality if this check box is selected.
ECC queue The ECC Queue record associated with this export set run. This field is visible only to users with the admin role.
MID Server Attachment A MID Server attachment record containing a copy of the exported file. The exported file is attached to this record in addition to being saved on the MID Server.

The State field may have the following values.

Table 2. States
State Description
Exporting The export set is creating a file with the data to export.
MID Server Processing The export set successfully created a file with the data to export. The file is being processed by the MID Server.
Completed The export set successfully ran and sent the exported file to the target.
Completed wth errors The export set ran, but encountered one or more errors.
Cancel requested A user requested that the export set be cancelled.
Cancelled The export set was cancelled.

Cancel an export set

You can cancel a running export set to stop the data from being sent to a MID server.

Before you begin

Role required: export_set_admin

About this task

You can cancel only exports that have not yet been sent to a MID server. You cannot cancel an export after it reaches the MID Server Processing state.


  1. Navigate to System Export Sets > Export Sets.
  2. Select an export set.
  3. In the Export Histories related list, select a record with the State value of Exporting.
  4. Click Cancel Export Set.