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Use attachment encryption

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Use attachment encryption

You can encrypt attachments that are already attached to records.

  1. Log in as a user with at least one encryption context.
  2. If more than one encryption context is available, select the encryption context for this session from the selector.
  3. Navigate to a form which needs an attachment added, such as the Incident or Problem form, and click the attachment icon to open the Attachments dialog box.
  4. Select the file to be attached.

    Only users with one or more encryption contexts see the Encrypt file check box below the file name.

  5. Select the Encrypt file check box.

    Users with more than one encryption context are asked to confirm the encryption context. If you select a different encryption context, the encryption context selector updates to reflect the change.

  6. Click Attach to upload the file attachment.

    The file appears in the Current file attachments section of the form with a special icon indicating that it is encrypted. Pointing to the icon shows the name of the encryption context.

  7. Click Done.

    Attached files are listed across the top of the form. A special icon identifies encrypted files. Note that you can see only the encrypted files for which you have the encryption context.