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Manage archived data

Manage archived data

You can view archived data, change an archive schedule, restore archived data, and archive a restored record..

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Navigate to System Archiving > Archive Tables.
    Module for Archived Tables
  2. Click the module name for the archived table you want to view. For example, Archive Attachment.
    List from Archived Table
  3. Click a record from the archived table to see the archived record.
    Sample Record

Change an archive schedule

All active archive rules are executed by a system scheduled job set to run every 60 minutes. You can modify the job if you need to change the interval.

  1. Navigate to System Scheduler > Scheduled Jobs.
  2. Open the Archive record.
  3. Modify the repeat value.

Restore archived data

When you restore a record, the instance inserts it back into the primary table and flags the record as having been restored in the log.

  1. Navigate to System Archiving > Archive Log.
  2. Select the archived record to restore.
    Sample Archive Log
  3. Click the Restore Record related link.
    Restore Record Related Link
    Warning: Do not delete archive record log entries. Deleting an archive log entry prevents you from restoring the data for the archived records.

Archive a restored record

Archive rules will not archive restored records. In order to archive a restored record you must manually archive the record.

  1. Navigate to the restored record.
  2. Click the Archive Record link.
    Archive Record Related Links

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