Set archive rule processing behavior

In order to prevent the archive process from consuming too many system resources, the instance uses several system properties to control how many records the archive rule processes at one interval.

By default an archive rule follows these processing rules:
  • Archives 100 records for each batch job
  • Sleeps 1 second between batch jobs
  • Runs 10 batch jobs in an archive run (every hour)
You can change these default settings by adding the following system properties.
Table 1. Archive System Properties
Name Description Type Default Value
glide.db.archive.batch_size Controls how many records an archive rule processes per batch job. Integer 100
glide.db.archive.sleep_time Controls sleep time between each archive rule batch job run, in seconds. Integer 1
glide.db.archive.max_iterations Controls the maximum number of batch jobs to run within an hour. Integer 10