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Manually manage the domain for particular records

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Manually manage the domain for particular records

By default, the system automatically assigns a domain based on the user's company record. In some cases, however, domain administrators want to manually manage which domain a particular record belongs to.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

The Managed domain field allows domain administrators to manually select a domain for the user, group, department, location, or CI record, rather than using the domain assigned automatically from the company record. The Managed domain field is available on these record types.

  • User records
  • Group records
  • Department records
  • Location records
  • CI records


  1. Navigate to the record you want to manually manage.
  2. Select the Managed domain check box.
  3. From the Domain field, select the domain for the record.
  4. Click Update.
    Changing the managed domain

    Clearing the Managed domain check box hides Domain field and the record uses the domain value from the record's company.