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Domain Configuration module

Domain Configuration module

The Domain Configuration module is the central location where an administrator enables, configures, and views the status of domain separation support.

Access the configuration module by navigating to Domain Admin > Configuration.

Figure 1. Domains Configuration

The Configuration module consists of these fields.

Field Description
Domain Table Select the table containing domain names for domain separation. You can select any existing table. By default, the system uses the Domain [domain] table.
Warning: No domain can have the name global. Verify that the name global is not used in any of the domain names in the table before saving the domain configuration.
Domain Validation Lists any current validation issues. Click the More link to see validation troubleshooting options.
Domain Progress Workers Lists any currently running conversion or validation processes.
Domain Alerts Lists any information, warning, or error messages relating to domain separation. You can also find this information in the instance log.
Enable Domain Separation Select whether to enable or disable domain separation. By default, domain separation is enabled. You can manually disable domain separation with this setting. However, the sys_domain column will still be present on any table it was added to. This option maps to the system property glide.sys.domain.partitioning. This property controls data separation.
Enable Delegated Administration Select whether to enable or disable delegated administration. Activating the plugin automatically enables delegated administration. You can manually disable delegated administration with this setting. This option maps to the system property glide.sys.domain.delegated_administration. This property controls process separation.
Enable verbose domain logging Select whether to enable additional debugging information for domain separation. This option maps to the system property system property glide.sys.domain.verbose.
Note: When both glide.sys.domain.delegated_administration and glide.sys.domain.partitioning are disabled, all domains are disabled. Users logging in have their session domain set to Global.