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UI11: Change the color of mandatory field status indicators

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UI11: Change the color of mandatory field status indicators

In UI11, each element in a form can display a colored indicator to the left of the label. These field status indicators enable administrators to highlight certain fields and give status information to users.

The default indicators are:
  • Red: mandatory field needs a value
  • Light red: mandatory field has a value
  • Green: field has changed
  • Orange: your security access does not let you modify the field value

A system administrator can customize the colors of these field status indicators to be black and white or some other color combination with high contrast for easier viewing. Customize colors by navigating to System Properties > CSS. Use the field status indicator fields to change the colors.

The field status indicator is accessible to assistive technologies such as screen readers, which read aloud the state of the field rather than the display color. The Alt and Tooltip fields are used to specify this alternative text.

See the following websites for information about CSS color declarations (including hex or RGB notation):