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Configure how calendar entries look

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Configure how calendar entries look

To configure how calendar entries appear for a table, add calendar_elements attributes to the System Dictionary entry for that table.


  1. Open a form for any record in that table.
  2. Right-click the form header and select Configure > Dictionary.
  3. In the record list that appears, select the first record that does not have a value in the Column name field.
    Reports calendar attributes
  4. Switch the Dictionary Entry form to the Advanced view. See View Management .
  5. In the Attributes field, add calendar_elements=<field name>;<field name>, listing the fields you want to appear in each entry of your calendar report separated by semi-colons.
    Note: When you define attributes for calendar elements, you replace the default display elements of number and short_description with the attributes that you list in this field. To add any additional attributes to the calendar entry and retain the number and short description of the change, include the number and short_description fields in your attributes. For example, to add state information to your task calendar, add the following attribute to the Task table:
    Reports calendar attributes
  6. If the table already has an attribute, separate it from the attribute you are adding with a comma, for example:
  7. Click Update.


The calendar entries display the attributes you have added for the selected table.
Calendar entry with number, short description, and added state attribute