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Create coloring rules for multilevel pivot table reports

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Create coloring rules for multilevel pivot table reports

Configure rules for how numerical values are displayed in a multilevel pivot table report, to easily highlight the more important values.

Before you begin

This task is part of configuring the style options of a multilevel pivot report.


  1. On the Style tab of the report designer, click Edit coloring rules.
  2. In the Multilevel Pivot Rules dialog box, click New rule.
  3. In the New record dialog box, select an Operator.
    Options are: greater than, greater than or is, lower than, lower than or is, is, and between.
  4. Specify a value. If you selected the operator between, specify two values.
  5. Select a font color and a background color.
  6. (Optional) Specify a Rule order.
    If you do not specify a rule order, coloring rules are applied in the order in which they were created.
  7. Click Submit to save the rule and create a new rule, or click OK to save the rule and return to the report designer.