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View the reports list

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View the reports list

View a list of reports and create reports from the Reports list.

Standard platform ACLs regulate access to reports in the reports list. This regulation impacts user access to certain reports. For further information on ACLs and reporting, see the article Reports list access regulated by ACLs [KB0546694] in the HI Knowledge Base.

Note: You can open the Reports list by adding / to your instance URL. To only show reports that are marked as favorites, add the ?sysparm_favorites=true parameter.

You can sort and filter the search results using the standard report list controls, such as by clicking on tabs, column headings, or the favorites icon (Module star select).

Select the cog icon (Cog icon) next to the Create a report button to configure the columns displayed in the Reports list.
Figure 1. Reports list configuration window
Report list configuration window
You can filter the Reports list with the following tabs:
Table 1. Reports list
Tab Description
My reports Displays reports that you created and those that have been shared with you.
Group Displays reports that have been shared with the groups you are a member of.
Global Displays reports that have been shared with everyone.
All Displays all reports that you have access to (global reports, group reports, and my reports).
Figure 2. Reports list tabs
Reports list tabs with options My reports, Group, Global, and All called out.
Users with report_admin or admin roles only can view additional columns on their Reports list.
Table 2. Additional columns
Column Description
Scheduled Indicates if the report is scheduled to run in the future. Reports can be run periodically and then emailed.
Published Displays a check mark (True) if the report is published.

View favorite reports

You can manually mark a report as a favorite by clicking the star icon beside the report title.

About this task

To toggle between showing only favorite reports and showing all reports, click the star icon in the list header.

Figure 3. Report favorites
Report favorites

A report is automatically marked as a favorite when you open it. To turn off the automatic marking of reports as favorites, disable the user preference glide.ui.nav.auto_favorite. For more information, see User preferences .