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Grouping records in list reports

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Grouping records in list reports

Grouped list reports can display only the records in each group that are configured to appear in a normal list. You can group rows of information in list reports by specific fields. You cannot group list reports by service catalog variables.

For example, a list configured to display 100 records at a time can show only the first 100 records, regardless of the number of records in that group. Paging is not available within groups, and you cannot access the remaining records without leaving the grouped list. To access all the records in a group:
  • Increase the display size of the list.
  • Click the group header to return to a normal list for that group with paging enabled.

List reports do not support the user preference to automatically expand grouped records.

This figure shows a list of products grouped by manufacturer. By default, the sections of the report are collapsed. In this example, the items associated with Gateway are expanded.
Figure 1. Grouped list report
List grouped by manufacturer with one group expanded