Override Task table field styles for highlighting calendar events

Highlighting for calendar report events is configured with field styles, which are defined for a particular table. You can configure whether calendar reports use field styles from the tables or report sources that they are based on.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

By default, field styles in the Task [task] table are applied to calendar reports. If calendar reports are configured to use field styles from their tables or report sources, these field styles override the Task table styles.


  1. In the filter navigator, enter: sys_properties.list
  2. Select the glide.ui.report.extend_calendar_choices property to specify which field styles are used during calendar highlighting.
    • To use field styles in only the Task table, set the property to false.
    • To use field styles from the table that the calendar report is based on, set the property to true.
  3. Click Update.