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Use a database view

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Use a database view

Database views allow you to combine data from tables in your ServiceNow instance that are not connected by default.

About this task

By combining these tables in a database view, you can easily access them by calling up the view, and then select fields from any of the tables included in the view. For example, if you want to report on the number of SLAs breached, you need fields from both the SLA and the Incident tables.


To create database views, navigate to System Definition > Database Views.

If you select a database view as the facts table for an indicator source, you must provide additional configuration in the Additional conditions section of the Indicator Source form. The choice lists present the available views for the joined tables.

View Table Select the table to collect records from, for example, incident.
List View Select the list view used to display collected record sets. Default view is suggested, but you can select any defined view, such as Self Service or Mobile.