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Scorecard mobile interface

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Scorecard mobile interface

The scorecard mobile interface allows you to interact with scorecards.

You can perform many of the same actions on a scorecard in the mobile interface as in the standard web interface. For example, you can apply aggregates and breakdowns, view the score at specific dates, and view target and gap information.

The mobile scorecard interface is divided into three main sections.

  • The top section shows the indicator details such as the indicator name, score, the selected aggregate, and target information if targets are defined for the indicator. You can change the aggregation by tapping on the current aggregate in the top-right corner, such as Daily. Tap on the information icon () to view metadata about the indicator, such as the formula for formula indicators.

  • The center section shows all collected scores as a graph. You can pinch to zoom in and out, or select a specific date by tapping on the graph. Selecting a specific date causes the top section to display details for the selected date instead of for the most recent score.

  • The bottom section displays breakdown information. You can select a breakdown by tapping on the breakdown name, such as Priority. Available breakdown elements and the score for each element appears below the breakdown. Tap on a breakdown element to filter the scorecard by that breakdown and element. The breakdown section does not appear if you have already selected both first and second level breakdowns.

iPhone showing the scorecard interface