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Real time data

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Real time data

You can view real-time data when using a non-formula and non-scripted indicator.

Real-time data is available in detailed scorecards and on workbench process widgets. Real-time data is available in breakdowns on a detailed scorecard, but not in breakdown widgets.

To view the real-time score, click Real-time in the date picker when a different date is selected. You can view real-time data in the Records tab of a detailed scorecard or workbench widget by clicking on the current date and time within the tab.
Note: Record details are not available for the Unmatched breakdown element when you view real-time scores.

The indicator must have real-time score enabled for these options to appear on a scorecard. You can enable real-time data for an indicator by selecting the Show real-time score check box on the Real time data Other tab of the Indicator form. You may want to disable real-time data when using the indicator in an integration that does not provide real-time data.