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Monitor a workflow with a workbench process widget

Monitor a workflow with a workbench process widget

A workbench process widget is a collection of indicators that tell a story, and that allows you to analyze multiple facets of multiple indicators on one screen without drilling down. This widget is useful when you want to monitor a process or service that has a workflow.

You choose the main indicators on the top of the widget. Optionally, each main indicator can have a unique set of supporting indicators.

The widget has four interconnected sections that dynamically update. For example, when you click a main indicator its score, trend, supporting indicators, and breakdown information appear. Click or select a date on any visualization and the entire widget displays data for that day.
Figure 1. Workbench process widget
Shows the different sections of the workbench process widget.

The bottom section of the workbench process widget displays available breakdowns or collected records for the selected main or supporting indicator. Click the Breakdowns or Records tabs to display one or the other. If you select a supporting indicator that specifies an aggregate, such as the average age of open incidents, the Records tab is hidden.

When you create a workbench widget, you choose only main and supporting indicators. The score, trend, and breakdown sections of widget are automatically configured and cannot be changed. However, you can change the order and appearance of indicators on the widget.