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Forecasting Performance Analytics data

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Forecasting Performance Analytics data

Performance Analytics allows you to forecast future data based on existing trends.

You can forecast data on Performance Analytics time series widgets and detailed scorecards. Forecast data appears as a dotted line following the trend line.

To enable forecasting for a time series widget, select the Show forecast check box in the Display Settings section of the Widgets form.

To enable forecasting on a detailed scorecard, click the chart settings icon () and enable the Forecast option.

The number of data points included in the forecast depends on the indicator score frequency.
Note: The score frequency is based on the selected aggregation. For example, the 7d running SUM aggreation is a daily frequency, whereas the By week SUM aggregation is a weekly frequency. The score frequency may vary from the indicator Frequency field value.
Table 1. Forecast points
Score frequency Number of forecast points
Daily 28
Weekly 4
Monthly, Quarterly, and Fiscal Quarterly 3
Biweekly, Bimonthly, and Half Yearly 2
Yearly and Fiscal Yearly 1